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  • Address:2324 Cheney-Spokane Road
    Cheney, Washington 99004 USA
  • Phone:800-614-9958 / +1 509-209-9835
  • Email: sales@pswitchers.com
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    Our No-Remote "Display Control" Feature
  • video
    Introducing the
    3-HDMI, 1-VGA, and 1-USB Type C
    to HDMI, AV+IoT Smart Switcher

    Auto-Sense, Auto-Switcher
    USB Type C with Fast Charger
    3-HDMI, 1-VGA, and 1-USB-C to 1-HDMI Out
    Display Control and Proximity Sensor
    Supports Presentation Switcher's Cloud Control Application

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    Introducing the
    2 X 1 Compact HDMI
    4K IoT Smart Switcher

    Auto-Sense, Auto-Switcher
    Under-Table Mounting Option
    Display Control and Proximity Sensor
    Supports Presentation Switcher's Cloud Control Application

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    Amazon AWS Browser-Based
    Help Desk Software

    Global Cloud Based Control
    Desktop or Mobile Device
    256-bit Encryption
    Reset, Volume, Display Res, etc.

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    Introducing the
    10 X 2 Modular 4K Digital
    Presentation Switcher

    with HDBaseT & 30W PoE
    Microphone and Stereo Inputs
    100W Amplifier
    and Microphone and Stereo Inputs

  • video
    Introducing the
    10 X 1 Modular 4K Digital
    Presentation Switcher

    with Dual Outputs
    HDBaseT & 30W PoE
    Microphone and Stereo Inputs
    100W Amplifier
    and Microphone and Stereo Inputs

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2 X 1 Compact IoT Presentation Switcher


10 X 2 Modular 4K Presentation Switcher


10 X 1 Modular 4K Presentation Switcher


5 X 1 HDMI Auto-Switcher, Display Control, Integrated Mixer and Stereo Output.


4 X 1 HDMI+VGA Auto-Switcher w/Stereo Output and IR Control


PS600 Series, DisplayPort Input Board Assembly.


Presentation Switchers Announces Cloud Control
Cheney, WA – November 2018… … Presentation Switchers, Inc. (PS), a U.S. based audio-visual manufacturing company of digital presentation systems, is pleased to announce the debut of Cloud Control, its browser-based control software. Designed for the purpose of providing site administrators control of PS enabled conference rooms, Cloud Control can effectively manage a single PS presentation switcher or thousands of units at a single site or multiple sites—making the system ideal for mid to large size companies with multiple conference rooms or colleges and universities with campus-wide classrooms and presentation spaces. Developed for both desktop and mobile computing devices, Cloud Control empowers help desk professionals to quickly and efficiently respond to user issues in near real time from anywhere around the globe.
Support staff can associate devices into groups for quick access. Devices can be grouped by campus, buildings, or floors where these rooms are located. Staff can quickly respond to customer inquiries from anywhere they have Internet access—using either desktop or mobile computing devices. Cloud Control can modify volume, turn on and off key features of PS devices and reset devices back to factory defaults—almost instantaneously!
As a browser-based application written on a massively scalable and industry secure Amazon AWS server, Cloud Control is secure. Cloud Control enabled products utilize 256-bit encrypted communications between the device and the server. Equally notable, content is never shared with the screen, so any potential exposure is limited. Combine this functionality and security with support for a large range of PS presentation switcher products, including the PS105, 2 X 1 switchers, as well as the PS600 modular switchers with up to 10 X 2 configurations, and the result is unparalleled functionality and control.
In terms of room utilization and performance, Cloud Control excels. Administrators often ask how frequently a room is used. Cloud Control tracks how often a single room or a group of rooms are used. The software tracks this usage in real-time using graphic images displayed by day or month. Similarly, Cloud Control can also tell how often the multimedia portion of the presentation system is utilized. This information can be used to maximize capital utilization or simply assist end users in knowing the best day and time to schedule conferences in any given room.
Presentation Switchers makes the entire setup and registration process quick and easy. AV presentation systems utilizing both PS switcher products and Cloud Control benefit from the company’s automatic device registration service. PS products ordered with this service are automatically linked and show the moment they are connected to the Internet. Administrators immediately see the devices within the Cloud Control configuration the moment they log into the system.
Phil Hale, President & CEO of Presentation Switchers, commented on the company’s new offering, “We always design our products with self-healing features, but there are always times a device’s behavior needs a little ‘tweaking’. Cloud Control makes the management of multiple or remote multimedia spaces so much easier. From volume control, reset, to room utilization statistics, Cloud Control delivers PS customers a level of control that they never experienced before. We are very proud to offer this tool to our customers – and at a very aggressive price point.”
Presentation Switchers new Cloud Control browser-based control software is now available at a rate of US $7.95 per switcher per month. For more information, contact your local PS sales representative or call the company direct at (800) 614-9958.
Presentation Switchers Launches the PS105—First in Series of AV+IOT Presentation Switchers
Cheney, WA – November 2018… Presentation Switchers, Inc. (PS), a U.S. based audio-visual manufacturing company, announces the release of the PS105, the first in its AV+IoT series of compact digital presentation switchers targeting collaboration and small conference room spaces.
In its most basic form, the PS105 is a simple, under-table mountable 2 X 1 HDMI® auto-switcher that automatically displays the most recently connected device in the native resolution of the display. The users’ connection automatically turns on the display and then later turns off the display when all users have disconnected their laptops or mobile devices from the switcher. The proximity sensor feature turns the display off 2-10 minutes after all users have left the room, even if a laptop is left connected.
Additionally, the PS105 is compatible with Cloud Control, the company’s proprietary Amazon AWS MQTT IoT server-based application. To be released in November 2018, Cloud Control provides administrative control, configuration, and usage statistics for PS switchers, including the latest PS600-series of digital modular presentation systems.
“These switchers are a game-changer for our customers,” says Phil Hale, PS President & CEO. “The PS105 is an impressive, feature-rich standalone switcher. However, when we add Cloud Control, the PS105 becomes a campus-wide solution that can easily be maintained from a call center desktop or mobile phone worldwide. Whether managing one conference room or 10,000 conference rooms, you can be assured Cloud Control’s industry-tested Amazon AWS 256-bit encryption keeps control strictly in your hands.”
The PS105 measures 4 inches X 4 inches X 1.2 inches and each product kit includes an under-table mounting plate, screws, pre-terminated remote proximity sensor, a captive screw-on power supply, and rubber feet if the PS105 is to be placed on the conference room table.
For more information, contact your local manufacturers representative, integrator, audio-visual distributor, or contact Presentation Switchers direct at 800-614-9958 for pricing.
Presentation Switchers Launches 2nd Gen Modular 4K Presentation Switcher
CHENEY, Wash… Presentation Switchers, Inc. (PS), a U.S. based audio-visual manufacturing company announces the release of the PS600 series of modular digital presentation switchers, a 2nd generation adaptation of its popular modular presentation systems targeting mid to large conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and military briefing centers. “We designed the PS600 as a multimedia platform.”, says Phil Hale, PS President & CEO, “The PS600 is truly a ‘system’ that can expand, contract, and otherwise morph to user needs over the lifetime of the meeting space. With a single screw, the user can replace an older DVI input with an HDMI input without removing the system from the rack or removing the cover. Authorized integrators can even swap out the PS600 backplane at a later time to take advantage of even more features as the industry continues to advance and needs change. The PS600 is truly a feature-rich expandable multimedia platform.” At the core of the PS600 design is its 10 X 1 or 10 X 2 high speed digital backplanes supporting resolutions up to and including 4K with an integrated DSP audio mixer. Each of the 10 input slots has the versatility to contain a variety of connector types including HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, Component, or Composite video with each respective audio component. HDBaseT is also available on each of the 10 inputs complete with power over Ethernet (PoE) up to 30 watts. In addition to the 10 input slots, the PS600 is equipped with an optional audio input slot for a stereo line input and microphone input with 48-volt phantom power plus an output slot for an optional stereo pre-amp output and/or 100 watt Class-D 4/8 Ohm amplifier for speaker-level outputs which allows you to extract and mix a microphone input and/or stereo input, then reinject the audio back into the HDMI stream. The PS600 supports 2 optional outputs: 2 HDMI outputs or 1 HDMI plus 1 HDBaseT output with PoE to conveniently power a local HDBaseT receiver up to 328 feet at 4K.

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