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Adaptive Solutions Series

  • Techniques for Sales Growth in the AV Integration Marketplace Series
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Audio-visual (AV) integrators are constantly looking for methods to grow their businesses. This white paper introduces an innovative sales and marketing strategy that connects a customer’s needs and their fear of failure with valuable solutions provided by integrators.

We begin by analyzing common requirements of a conference room or classroom from a customer’s viewpoint. We explore the customer’s fear associated with a project of this importance, since one’s boss and peers will use this space on a daily basis. Finally, we will introduce a strategy and a frame of mind that AV integrators and their sales staff can use to meet these requirements to satisfy the customer’s needs and build lasting business support relationships.

In this white paper, the second in the “Techniques for Sales Growth in the Audio-Visual Integration Marketplace” series, we focus on the challenges customers experience when designing multimedia spaces within strict capital budget guidelines.

It is our opinion that these budgeting concerns offer a unique opportunity for systems integrators to spend their time and energy truly understanding the customer’s particular challenges and meeting those challenges with unique, value-oriented solutions.