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The Challenge

When developing higher education classrooms and lecture spaces, integrators face some interesting challenges. Budget constraints force systems integrators to include client furnished equipment, such as VHS or DVD players and document cameras.

Designers must support newer digital sources, including Apple MacBook Pro and media or streaming players with incompatible signal types and connectors. And, the educators always seems to ask for expandability for new technology that they are expecting to implement in the future.

Meeting the Challenge

To meet this challenge, Presentation Switchers developed a line of modular digital presentation switchers called the "PS600 Series".

Each system begins with the selection of a modular enclosure - the PS630 and PS650 are the most popular North American versions. Each enclosure has power, communication, and audio and video outputs. The designer will then select a series of input card assemblies (HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Component, Composite, and HDBaseT™) to meet the requirements of the particular installation. Here is a typical PS650 configuration:

Figure 1 - Input Connections

In this example, we are utilizing an existing PC, VHS player, and satellite receiver - all using analog audio and video signal formats. Additionally, the design includes a BluRay player using HDMI, an Apple MacBook Pro with DisplayPort, and a high resolution Document Camera on DVI-D with one more slot available for future expansion.

Figure 2 - Output Connections

For video outputs, integrators can choose from two independent outputs: Either HDMI or HDBaseT™ with power over Ethernet (PoE). In either case, the PS600 Series of enclosures support resolutions up to 4K @ 30Hz. Audio is provided on balanced line level outputs and on 4/8 Ohm speaker level outputs. 100 watts of amplified power or 50 watts per channel provides plenty of coverage for mid-larger classrooms and lecture halls up to 150 people.

Going Beyond the Challenge

The PS600 Series of enclosures offer additional "automation" features that integrators and end users alike will appreciate: Auto-Switching, Display Controls and Control System Feedback.


In this user selectable mode, if an instructor connects to any port on the PS600 Series 10 X 1 and activates his/her device (laptop etc), the system recognizes the new signal and automatically switches to that input and displays the new source on the two output connectors (HDMI and HDBaseT connectors).

In Conclusion

With the convergence of analog and digital signals today, integrators are finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate existing and new age equipment in classroom and lecture hall designs with traditional, fixed configuration switchers.

Presentation Switchers, with its PS600 Series line of modular digital presentation switchers provide near-limitless solutions integrating analog and digital devices in classroom environments - with ease. Presentation Switchers is quickly becoming the worldwide "go-to" source for digital presentation systems.