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Classrooms & Lecture Halls

In the new world of rich and immediate media instructors find multimedia a necessary to teach today´s students. Presentation Switchers helps teachers make sharing different types of content easy. These types of installations have certain challenges and no other manufacturer offers the types of modular solutions like Presentation Switchers.

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Collaborative Workspaces

In an effort to increase communications within work teams, corporations are trading large conference rooms with more and smaller collaborative presentation spaces. Even in partition environments, collaborative spaces allow team members to share information in an ad hoc environment without the requirement to schedule larger more expensive conference rooms. More communications leads to more cohesive, quicker, and even more creative results.

The corporate arena isn´t the only area for these collaborative systems. Educators find that students learn better from other students. These smaller and more personal learning spaces are excellent areas for study or "hacker-style learning" groups.

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Conference Rooms

Almost every conference room has some type of multimedia presentation requirement. Presentation spaces increase in complexity as the number of multimedia devices increases. As complexity increases, end-users call our local integrators for help to manage these requirements and no other manufacturer offers the types and number of solutions provided by Presentation Switchers.

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Government & Military Briefing Centers

Government and military personnel have a similar requirement as corporations and educators to share complex information. However, government and military briefing centers have unique challenges that most integrators will ever experience. Secure sources, protected networks, and encryption are only a few of these concerns. But, the old adage "with complexity and uncertainty comes opportunity" rings true and Presentation Switchers offers a unique set of modular solutions not available to other audio-visual manufacturers.

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