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Small Classrooms
Small Conference Rooms
Huddle Spaces
Collaboration Rooms

When designing audio-visual presentation tools and automation for small classrooms, huddle spaces, and collaboration rooms our fixed-configuration products are most commonly selected. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Cost. Fixed configuration systems are aggressively priced because all inputs and outputs are on a single circuit board with an external power supply.

  2. Targeted Solution. We design our fixed-configuration models specifically for smaller multimedia environments with automation would otherwise to be too costly. This does not mean they are not also valuable for select larger installations but, primarily, these products are targeted for these environments.

  3. Display Control. For collaboration rooms and huddle spaces, many of these fixed-configuration models have display control. This is a very helpful feature that extends display life, lowers power consumption, and makes the room easier to use. When an individual connects to the audio-visual system, her laptop's connection triggers the display to be turned on. After the presentation, disconnecting her laptop turns off the display. Simple.

  4. Auto-Switching. When a teacher turns on a BluRay™ player, the video is automatically sent to the display. When a presenter connects her laptop to one of five connection points, her laptop image immediately appears on the display. Each of these situations illustrate the value of the automatic sensing and switching feature. No more are costly control systems necessary for smaller conference rooms, classrooms, or collaboration spaces.

Large Classrooms or Lecture Halls
Large Conference Rooms
Briefing Centers

For larger meeting spaces, we recommend our modular PS600 series of products. In general, these modular products offer the largest amount of flexibility for the initial installation as well as for future modifications.

  1. Cost Effective. Although modular systems are expected to be expensive, Presentation Switchers has created a "mass customization" model which drives costs down by mass producing the individual components.

  2. Future Proof. The natural modular design allows this multimedia platform to change and expand as users' needs change. Not sure about what signal types will be in fashion next year? Don't worry. We have you covered. With a single screw, inputs, outputs, and control boards can be changed quickly for maximum "future-proof" flexibility.

  3. More Inputs and Outputs. PS600 enclosures support up to 10 input ports and 2 output ports.

  4. Signal Types. PS600 supports a wide variety of signal types, such as, HDBaseT™, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, Composite, and Component. And, more are coming soon!

  5. 100W Amplifier. Many of the PS600 series enclosures come equipped with a 100W integrated amplifier. However, one can easily add the amplifier later, if needed.

  6. Stereo Input. Another option for PS600 series enclosures is a stereo line input that is mixed over the currently selected input then reinjected back into the HDMI stream, stereo line output, and local amplifier.

  7. Microphone Input. Sound reinforcement is a big issue in larger multimedia spaces and a podium microphone or lavelier-style microphone is essential. The PS600 has an optional microphone input with 48V phantom power that is mixed and reinjected back into the HDMI stream, stereo line output, and local amplifier.

  8. Pre-Amp or Fixed Stereo Output. Finally, if our local amplifier isn't big enough or one requires an audio mixing board for multiple microphones, the stereo line output is a great feature for large venues. The stereo output can be configured as a pre-amp with volume control enabled within the PS600 or can be fixed to a nominal level required by a mixing console.